terra-ae of the earth; land; earth, ground, soil; country, region, territory

In the Territory of our Ancestors

Le Terrae is the historic name of the parcel of land where our countryside villa sits. The name comes from the fact that in the past, local artists took the clay from this place for the production of beautiful earthenware. Our great-grandparents, who were talented potters, molded this very clay, and it is on this land that our parents built the Villa Le Terrae.

Villa dell'Acquedotto is a unique home that we have renovated, after 40 years of abandonment, according to criteria of historic preservation and sustainability with the application of traditional and local construction materials and technologies. The villa, for its remarkable historic and architectural value, is a “living” heritage site that speaks to our guests in the same extraordinary language of our territory.

We are two sisters - Anna currently lives in Seattle, US, and Alessandra in Rome, Italy. We are both architects and we are proud of being from this area between Rome and Northern Lazio, at the boundary with Umbria and Southern Tuscany. We have worked here most of our life in the field of historic preservation and urban renovation for the municipalities of the Hill Towns of this region, and we share the belief that the preservation of the historic urban heritage is intrinsically linked to the protection of the cultural identity and the social cohesiveness of the local communities. Our territory is extraordinary and exceptionally rich in history and natural and architectonic beauties, and it is our goal and passion to share our intimate knowledge of these places that we deeply love.

From the hospitality in our homes to the Tours for Travelers in search of authentic experiences

Since 1998 we have welcomed hundreds of guests in our homes who have been enthusiastic about their stay with us - please read our guest comments. We have always regarded our guests as dear friends, paying attention to their requirements and interests before, during and after their visit. Over time, our enthusiasm for sharing our knowledge and interests with our guests has led us to expand the horizon of our family business, organizing it in a broader cultural project. The Tours that we offer, inspired by cultural and original interpretations of our territory, are firmly anchored in the experiences of local daily life. It is therefore our intention to offer not only a high quality touristic product but also a memorable, authentic and human Italian experience, aimed to enriching the soul of our Wayfarer friend.


Uniqueness and Authenticity

We organize tours in Central Italy because we love being a part in showcasing this territory: A unique jewel of innumerable artistic and environmental treasures. We accommodate small groups of participants on our tours, from 6 to 16 people, in our comfortable villas to help them feel at home in a familiar atmosphere that assures an authentic and unique esperience. The small size of our groups also fosters nice convivial moments and new friendships.

High Quality and Slow Pace

We believe that high quality and slow pace form a perfect pair in the promotion of a tourism that allows for profound and unforgettable experiences, both cultural and personal, to settle in the Traveler’s heart. We wish for our guests to have the necessary time to immerse themselves in the flow of Italian daily life and local traditions, in that intangible spirit that is at the core of Italian identity. We design our tours around thematic cultural itineraries meticulously defined by us in a completely original way to share our profound knowledge of places with our guests. We believe in the idea of travel as a discovery. In addition to the art cities and the most renowned sites we include among our destinations enchanting unknown and remote places where time seems to have stopped.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

We promote a tourism that respects the environment and has minimum impact on the cultural and environmental heritage of the territory. In line with the principles of sustainable and responsible development, Le Terrae offers tours that are strictly focused on a specific local territory. Our all inclusive formula makes use of resources and collaborators that are exclusively local, allowing us to set competitive prices, while assuring the excellence of your touring experiences. We have selected our staff from the best human and professional local resources, contributing to sustain the economy of the community, while achieving maximum competence and authenticity. All our collaborators, from the personnel who takes care and maintains our properties, to the cooks, experts in the local culinary tradition, and to the tour guides, who are specifically licensed by the local tourist board to conduct the visits in the territory, are qualified, cheerful and attentive to our guests.