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Villa dell'Acquedotto - Italy

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Villa dell'Acquedotto is a beautiful and extremely unique villa built in the Renaissance around the ruins of an ancient aqueduct. Located in a dramatic position in the hilltown of Orte, at the bend of Tiber River, the villa has beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

The location, in the geographic and cultural heart of Italy, is ideal to explore Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany: One hour from Rome and two from Florence, in a lush, hilly countryside scattered with beautiful Hill Towns, Renaissance Gardens and villas. It is extremely well connected by the A1 freeway and main train system.

The home was recently completely renovated to both preserve the historic architecture and make it a luxurious retreat for the modern visitor. The exterior, decorated in the 16th century with etchings called sgraffiti, has been meticulously restored by a team of world class art restorers.

The interior has been beautifully updated by the owners - two architects specializing in historic preservation and design.

The elegant and spacious home has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a grand living room, state of the art kitchen, and a landscaped garden terrace with sweeping panoramic views. The villa is tastefully furnished with both antique and modern furniture.

Villa dell'Acquedotto in historic images and vintage postcards:

Walking in Orte:



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