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Guest Reviews of Villa Le Terrae

Es war wunderbar in diesem schönen Haus zu wohnenund spannend, die zauberhaften städte in der Umgebung zu erkunden. Für die aufmerksame Betreuung ein herzliches Dankeschön und die besten Wünsche für lhre zukunft

Doris + Ekkehard M aus Freiburg / Ralf-Peter + Niholaus + Anna aus Schleiz Thuringen


Thank you Anna and Alessandra for the use of your home. Our small group (4) found it very comfortable and spacious. Enjoyed bocci ball in the garden, went to many of the sights and restaurants, and wine tours you suggested. Anxious to see what your apt. in Rome is like as we move from the quiet of Orte to the bustle of Rome. Gratefully,

Ed, Angela, Laura and Michelle T. - Grand Beach, MI USA


Dear Anna and Alessandra, Every year our family takes an annual summer vacation and my family agrees that this year's holiday was a real treat! To be able to stay in the country and enjoy this fabulous villa, but also to travel to Rome, Florence, the beach, beautiful gardens, amnd experience the small towns near the villa made this one of our more interesting, visually beautiful, and culturally appealing trips. Your tips on where to eat, how to get around on the train, where to park were most helpful and allowed us to see far more sights than if we had been working things out on our own. Thank you for your great hospitality!

Mary F., Tom. W. , Rista, Alex, Andrew W.


Hello Anna + Alexandra - What a lovely contrast your beautiful home was after a week in florence - so welcoming with all the birds singing, the cats for company, flowers in bloom - second only to the week with special friends right here. Thank you for sharing your home.

Beryl J. Lincolnville, Maine


Dear Anna and Alessandra - It was so nice to meet you. What a lovely place you have...complete with cats to etertain us! This has been a special week of beauty and relaxation. Thank you. Sincerely,

Al C. - Pleasanton, California


Thank you Anna and Alessandra, my adventures here with my friends surpassed all expectations. I had not anticipated a custom-built home with its thoughtful amenities making our time so easy to enjoy. The seclutedness was so serendipitous expecially having just come from your Rome apartment. The birds sang to us repeatedly each morning and on those several days where the sun shine gloriously caused the dampness to fade into oblivion. It could not have been a more delightful place in which to enjoy the hilltowns of this small part of Italy. Thank you for letting me share your home. I'll see you in Seattle, Anna

Graham H., Edmonds


Italy is a very special place and we hope to return one day. Thank you Alessandra and Anna for sharing your villa. We had a wonderful time. Ciao,

Joan S. - Peoria, Arizona


Dear Anna. We had a wonderful time. The villa is very lovely. We had many experiences but the best for me was staying in the rural area near the village. The people are so friendly and helpful. Alessandra was very helpful. We thank her for all of her help. We enjoyed very much getting to experience the culture there. Thanks for everything. Sincerely,



What a wonderful home! W./F. family had a lovely time here. We loved the pizza oven, Bocci court and the festivals (and beauty contests!) in ancient Orte! Instead of going all the way to Sienna + Florence we visited the hilltowns closer in (Spoleto, Spello, Montefalco) and enjoyed the excellent cheeses, olive oils and restaurants. Off to Rome on our last 3 days. Grazie!

Charleston, SC + Hanoi VN

Thank you so much for our wonderful stay at Le Terrae! We had such a lovely time here. We enjoyed the beautiful landscape and the wonderful weather. Hopefully, we will return some day and enjoy this lovely house once again.

Bianca S. and Brian W. - David + Jennifer S. - Matt and Nikki C.


Dear Alessandra and Anna, Le Terrae is a beautiful home and we thank you for allowing us to call it our own for our first week in Italy! When we get back to the US we will post pictures on your facebook page! Ciao. You are both very kind and you now have friends for life in Pa!

Peg, Craig and Lucy E. + Dillon and Jessi


Dear Anna and Alessandra: Thank you so much for the opportunity to stay in this special place. So much peace in such beautiful surroundings. This house is filled w/spirit and rich history. The perfect home base for exploring this lovely part of the country and for relaxing! We have adopted (and named) the five gattos who are living outside (momma, the kittens (1+2), crooked tail and our favorite, "Orangie"!) To those who come to stay, please feed these sweet loves...we've spoiled them this week...Enjoyed it!

Teena and Kim, Whidbey Island, WA


Dearest Alessandra, Elisa, + Anna, thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. We had such a great time spending time in a part of Italy which we may have not otherwise seen. We will be back!! ❤️

Elisa, come visit us in Los Angeles and bring (or send) mama Delores with you!!

Devin R., Richard, Sean + Linda


Dearest Alessandra, Elisa e Anna, I came to Italy for the first time as a Boy Scout in 1951. I returned on my first overseas assignment as a young officer (Army) 1958-1961 and nevere recovered. I returned many times, renewed Italian friendships and continue to study the language. If being Italian is a state of mind: Io Sono Italiano! The past three weeks away from cities, visiting the wonderful ancient hilltop cities, coffee with new friends in Vasanello, feeding the cats, enjoying the villa, the hospitality of Alessandra and good food from Dolores made it the best ever. All of this with my sister and brother in law and one week with a daughter and 9 year old granddaughter. Life is good.

Ed S. - Alexandria, VA


Thank you for a wonderful home to stay in during our visit with our parents/grandparents and family. Dolores is an amazing lady and we would love to take her home with us!

Joyce S.


I had a great stay! I loved being with my family!

Sloan S.H.


Wonderful visit to the villa sharing stories, good time and happy meals. Singing our songs through the hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria made our hearts light and our spirits soar. Thank you for sharing!

Teresa, Dan, Jurg, Isis, Jody, Frank, Lisa and Jay


Alessandra, Anna, Silvio and Dolores, What a beautiful home in an awesome Country. The people are warm, the countryside picturesque, the food delicious and your home has a soul unlike what we have ever experienced. Thank you Silvio for your gracious and patience driving us around. Thank you Dolores for your warm hearth and delicious food! Alessandra and Anna thank you for opening your home to our family. We will be beginning our married life (Jerry and Anna) together in your beautiful Country. What a great kick off!

Jerry, Anna, Lauren, Mike and Barbara. "Ciao" - California


Arrivederci Le Terrae - Anna and Alessandra we now know what paradise is. We loved the comfort, peace and beauty of the villa. It was so very interesting to see the beautiful and ancient hill towns that are off the beaten path. The first communion celebration in Vasanello was a sweet surprise. Your palazzo in Orte is fantastic! What a project and historical trasure. Last evening was lovely seeing more special places. We are forever grateful for your kindness. Noi amiamo,

Patsy and Rich B. - Surf City, NJ


Villa Le Terrae is everything we'd hoped it would be: Spacious country home, wonderful grounds and flowers. Our family truly felt we were "home". Our "Thanksgiving dinner" for the Amelia family was a dream come true. Dolores dinner paired with my children's antipasti and decorations gave us all reason to be thankful. This journey's purpose was to connect our children with their Umbrian family. We succeeded. They will return. The cats were an added bonus. We have at home between us all 1 dog and 4 cats, so pet lovers we are. We personally named them all. Saluti Alessandra and Anna, your assistance and guidance was so helpful. Molte grazie,

Patsy and Maria T., PA USA


The house was great - lovely little towns surrounded us and provided much enjoyment. Thanksgiving here with our Italian family was an experience we will never forget!

Kyle C. and Frank T., Pittsbourgh, PA USA


Absolutely beautiful - a perfect way to spend Thanksgiving. Thank you!

Mark and Michelle T. - Falls Church, VA USA


Thank you for allowing us to share the warm russet red hospitality of this unique place. This temporary home has echoed with chatter and laughter from tower to kitchen. Now we reluctantly return to the real world recharged and refreshed.

Joan and Adrian C. - UK


Great time in a great villa. We all had such a good time. The cats were an extra nice touch since all of us own cats, 10 all together. With much appreciation

Nickie and Vince S. - Burt and Cindy E. - Ron, Denise, Briggs W.


Dear Alessandra, Anna, Robert, Elisa and Francesca: We had a wonderful holiday here at your villa celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary and Dominick's 6th birthday! Your home is so very beautiful and comfortable for all of us! Karl was so exicted about your outdoors pizza oven - and the pizza turned out just perfect! I love your loft/tower room! It is secluted without being too far away - I can still referee squabbles + other lively arguments from here! :) We visited Rome a couple of times and many local towns (the ones we could fit in - with the ginormous van we rented - I swear the thing is the size of a small house!). Gabrielle has talked of your villa since she was here in 2005 - it was so wonderful to finally be here! Love always,



Dear Anna, thank you for letting us stay at your villa. It is very pretty, wonderful views



Dear Anna, it was a pleasure to take a break at your villa. After spending much of my time traveling to big cities, it was a pleasure to enjoy the beautiful countryside. Love,



Dear Anna, The villa is beautiful! Rome is absolutely amazing, and the smaller towns are charming. Hopefully, I can come back when it's warmer! Love,



Thank you for allowing us to spend our 50th anniversary in your beautiful home!

Lon and Jerry F.


Dear Anna and Alessandra: Thank you for sharing your beautiful villa with us. We loved everything about it. The beautiful scenery, the sunshine on the stairs, even the cats cavorting all about made our trip even more special. We truly appreciated your reccommendations - loved Sassolino and Eureka pizza. So much food and wine and laughter! Grazie,

Mary H., Ian L., Jeanne K., Mary R. and Dara S.


What a beautiful place. We are so glad we discovered Le Terrae. Thank you for sharing it with others. We just didn't have enough time.

Grant and Sharon H. Burien, WA, USA


Dear Anna, Alessandra and Robert, Great cycling area! Loved Vasanello, friendly town. Pizza at Eureka superb, super friendly staff. Local wine and food all great! Would come back at a prompt. Roberto has great cycling routes, but there are many more! Grazie mille!

Justin and Orie Alaska


Dear Anna + Alessandra and, What can wh e say? The villa has been absolutely fabulous! The flowers, the trees, terracotta and Old World Charm of the house just combine to make it the perfect place to stay. Plus the added bonus of the cats + bocce games! Having our friends here and the wonderful last meal by Dolores just cannot be compared. We loved sitting on the terrace watching the sun set or just reading or talking. Thank you so much for a wonderful 2 weeks. We hate to leave. Everyone loved it here. Ciao,

Don + Sharon H. Smithfield, R.I. USA


Anna + Alessandra, Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us for 2 weeks. We especially enjoyed the bocce, picnic outside and cooking in the pizza oven. It was the best Hunter's Stew we ever had. It has been a great location for many vacations on a daily basis, beginning with the Castle tour in Vasanello by your beautiful daughter. Orte's festival was exciting. Hope to return to your beautiful country again,

Lee & Chris Ken & Carolyn Rhode Island, USA


Anna + Alessandra: We love the house..... the fresh herbs, hazelnuts and raspberries were a special treat! And the daily visits from the 4 cats made it feel like home. Our first (and hopefully not our last) trip to Italy was made much more enjoyable coming back to your beautiful home after our daily adventures. Anna, your daughter's tour of the castle was terrific. please give her our best. Wishing you well,

Paul + Lynn P. E. Killingly, Connecticut, U.S.A.


What a wonderful house!!! With our parents and 3 children it was the perfect place to enjoy each other's company. Long, leisurely lunches under the amazing oak tree... all of us acting like children on the swing and everybody getting involved to coach Alexander (9) back down from the tree... We still haven't found out where the cat is keeping her litter of kittens, but hopefully we will see them next time we come back. Our children (Alexander, Isabella (7) and Carina (4) have discovered their artistic talents by drawing various trees, plants and other, until now, undiscovered or known objects. The petanque area was used by all in animated games pitting generations against each other. The weather was just fabulous with tons of sun, and luckily the evenings cooled down enough for us to sit cosely by the fire with cups of hot chocolate. We had a wonderful time!

Aurora + Luigi P - St. Germain les Corbeil , France Carol + Marc d. V. - P. (Bangkok, Thailand) Alexander, Isabella, Carina


It was great fun.

Flo 5


Our stay in Le Terrae was our first time in Italy. I very much enjoyed it. It was fun to find your way around the house and garden as it is so big. The parc di Monstri (monster park) was great fun, especially the leaning house. The weather was sunny most of the time. I would love to come again and do the things that we didn't manage to do.

Rosie, age 10 England, Guildford


Anna + Alessandra This was our dream vacation + my husband planned it all as a surprise for our 30th wedding anniversary. We had 31/2 weeks in Italy. We spent time in Milan, Bellagio on Lake Como, Sorrento + Capri + Rome + our last week was here at Le Terrae. When my husband + I arrived at your beautiful villa my husband's final surprise was revealed with your help, Alessandra, when we walked through door our sons Steven + Michael + Michael's wife Emily were there. Can you only imagine my surprise. How blessed I am. The week we were here we isited Orvieto, Assisi, Spello, Siena, Montalcino + many other small towns along the way. Assisi was wonderful; - we loved every inch of it. The Umbria country side I will see in my minds eye forever. We cooked at the villa, laughed, played bocce ball + drank wine. All was great! We cannot thank you enough for sharing your lovely villa and kittens. With love,

Joe + Linda M. Mission Viejo, California


Anna + Alessandra This was our dream vacation + my husband planned it all as a surprise for our 30th wedding anniversary. We had 31/2 weeks in Italy. We spent time in Milan, Bellagio on Lake Como, Sorrento + Capri + Rome + our last week was here at Le Terrae. When my husband + I arrived at your beautiful villa my husband's final surprise was revealed with your help, Alessandra, when we walked through door our sons Steven + Michael + Michael's wife Emily were there. Can you only imagine my surprise. How blessed I am. The week we were here we isited Orvieto, Assisi, Spello, Siena, Montalcino + many other small towns along the way. Assisi was wonderful; - we loved every inch of it. The Umbria country side I will see in my minds eye forever. We cooked at the villa, laughed, played bocce ball + drank wine. All was great! We cannot thank you enough for sharing your lovely villa and kittens. With love,

Joe + Linda M. Mission Viejo, California


Dear families and friends of the future: You have also chosen to spend your time in Northern Lazio @ the quaint Le Terrae villa. Between the wonderful acoustics of the circular tower & the random light switches and nooks, this is a truly unique home. After spending a day or few exploring all that is Roma, or the Umbrian and Tuscan hill towns, the villa is in a perfect location to come home to. There is no need to go too far when you get hungry though because some of the best food we had in Italia was courtesy of Mario & family @ the Ristorante Sassolino. We will never forget our time here @ the villa and hope to return to enjoy the outdoor terraces in some warmer months. Regards,

The C. family - Rick, Sue, Robert & Megan Plymouth, MI


Dear Alessandra + Anna ~ I just wanted to thank you so much for the privilege of staying at Le Terrae. What a beautiful home it is, and such beauty all around! We seven women had a wonderful time! Our trip of a lifetime was extra special staying at Le Terrae! Sincerely,

Laurie H.


I loved your villa! It was so beautiful + peaceful, I can't remember when I've been relaxed and slept as well as I did here! Thank you so much!

Kay, Copley, Ohio


I am not the fearless one of our group, but I feel that I gained courage from the beauty and warmth of your lovely home. I had the inspiration to start the book I had been trying to start. Thank you so much for the loan of your villa's inspiration. God Bless you and your loved ones.

Bevery - Chagrin Falls, Ohio


Thank you so much for the use of your beautiful home. It was perfectly located for what we wanted to see. We especially enjoyed all the beautiful flowers and bushes everywhere and the birds on the roof and the cats. The views are unbelievable! These 2 weeks have been magical have for us seven women from Ohio + GA (previous page).

Becky - Cincinnati


What joy this was staying at this charming and beautiful villa. God painted every morning and evening across the sky canvas. He dripped colors across the fields - green, yellow, red, purple. Flowers danced in the soft breezes. And the birds - what a symphony they presented each morning! This was just a touch of Heaven. The darling flowered pots and little cups, lace curtains, fresh flowers, photo albums and books! I spent time in the studio writing or in prayer. There were 7 of us, and we fixed huge salads, tore off chunks of bread and drank wine. Watered your flowers and fed the cats. One in particular came to the don each morning and waited for his meal. We have lived!

Thanks - Linda Lee P. - Roswell Georgia USA


We all had an amazing time at the Villa this week. It is in a beautiful, peaceful spot and we were welcomed our first night with a gorgeous sunset. There were some days we didn't want to leave the Villa, its just so nice here. Day trips that we took included Assisi, Orvieto. Also we went and explored old Orte, which was a wonderful change after the packed streets of Rome the day before. Going to the grocery store and cooking our own Italian dinners, one of which was wood fired pizzas in the oven outside, was great fun. We used the trains a lot. They weren't that difficult to figure out and came in really handy. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We'd all like to come back some day

M. Family - Redmond, WA H. Family - Apple Valley, MN


Anna and Alessandra, We thoroughly enjoyed your villa; its location and style could not have been better. Your suggestions too were very much appreciated. Although this book is not thick enough to list all the positives, "Sunday dinner" hand made in the pizza oven is way at the top of the list. Taverna Roberteschi's in Orte was also terrific. The trip divides into three segments: time at "home" (Villa and nearby villages), the big cities (Florence and Rome), the countryside and Hill Towns. These were equally enjoyed and need not be compared. (Rome-Vatican Museum, St. Peter's Square, Forum, Colosseum make for a very long day - recommend 2.) Assisi, Siena and Cortona are "musts" although we found you can randomly select a "Hill Town" and do well. They all have their own character and good restaurants. The fact you are reading this means you are here - you wil enjoy it. Arrivederci

The Mc A. Penny Jason David, Bellevue, WA.


This was just a fantastic place. Alessandra & Anna: Thank you! We will be sure to try to come back. Merry Christmas & Happy '08!



Grazie Anna & Alessandra A lovely taste of Summer and Fall weather with unfailing sun to store up against a New England winter. Enjoyed all your suggestions especially Sassolino's food and hospitality. Pizza oven here also a great success!

Richard & Nancy A. Dan R. & Margaret B. Marcie B. & Alan S.


We had the most wonderful stay at Le Terrae. Thank you for being so helpful and welcoming during our stay. We are taking home many memories and smiles and hope to return soon. Grazie e ciao,

Kate M., Boston, MA


I love your house, I love the town and I love Italy. Mario, who speaks English, in the restaurant Sassolito, was helpful and friendly - plus the food was good. Thank you so much!

Beryl H., Minnesota, USA


It was a week in Paradise. The Villa was incredible, the village a delight. Among the villages I thought Bagnaia was a walk back in history. The Villa Farnese Palace and Garden a delight. A young Italian man with superb English helped the town guide, and made the highlight of the week for me. It was a perfect week.

Bruce E., Atlanta, GA USA


Thank you for having this wonderful home for this crazy American to enjoy. I love Italy. It will be so hard to go back to the hustle and bustle of my everyday life in California. You gave me back years. Love,

Carla R., Santa Monica, CA


Dear Anna + Alessandra Le Terrae in all its charm and grace was the most wonderful part of my trip. The wind gently whispering through the hazelnut groves ~ The birds in sweet chorus welcoming the morning sun ~ The sun kissing the grapes to make them plump and juicy. Italy was as imagined and more. Thank you for making this trip a magical experience. Fondly,

Mary Ann G., Palos Verdes, CA


This has been a lovely visit to a part of Italy that I didn't know - and wow we feel right at home...what a nice town. The villa is a great spot for reunions with family and friends; everyone enjoyed it very much! Arrivederci!

Karen, San Francisco, CA


We have throughly enjoyed our stay at La Terrae! Italy is an incredibly beautiful country with so much to offer; our only regret is that we had so little time. We were able to visit Rome, Venice, Pisa, explore the countryside, hike and spend some quiet time here relaxing in front of the fire. We especially enjoyed our dinner tonight, our last night, at Sassolino. Mario treated us like family! The food was excellent, but more importantly, the warmth with which we were welcomed will leave us with the most wonderful memories of our time in Italy. many thanks for allowing us to stay in this beautiful home! We hope to return to Italy soon!

The Mc G. Clan: Debbie + Rich, Erin, Jade, Dave + Jodie Haddonfield, NJ + Philadelphia, PA - USA


Bellissimo Posto - mi ha piaciuto molto la bella fantasia del'architetti di questa casa...grazie infinite.

Karen C.


Mille grazie - it was fantastic!

Jaylyn O., Dale F., Matthew O., Deb & Jan W.


ANNA and ALESSANDRA - After 5 years we have returned to Le Terrae bringing w/us our best friends from Seattle and 2, 8 years old boys. We came back because this place lingers in our minds like a pleasant dream, because we wanted to share it with our friends and because we missed it. We missed this place where history lives and breathes - where every meal is a celebration and where the people greet strangers with a friendly warmth and patience. We missed this place and its daily serendipities - this bakery - that church - the porcheta stand... We discovered a whole new place where 8 year old boys can charge around the yard and invent variations on bocce. We discovered that fresh ripe blackberries on the fence are worth a hundred duomos. We also discovered that a chicken roasted in a wood oven has the best flavor. We discovered that one gets the glorious feeling of time standing still here at Le Terrae. And then it's too soon time to go. There just may be magic in this Etruscan soil. I am rejuvinated to be back; ecstatic to share it with friends and, though not yet gone, longing to return.,

Larry P.


Dear Alessandra & Anna- We join our voices with the choruses of praise of this wonderful villa of yours. We appreciate all the helpful suggestions and information you provided us. We had a wonderful balance of busy exploring days & quiet enjoying days - the perfect vacation! We look forward to returning in the future with friends and/or family. Thank you for sharing this "treasure" and we wish you both continued good fortune (buona fortuna) and health. Sincerely,

Carol & Stan, Palos Verdes, CA, USA


Dear Anna + Alessandra We loved! 7 of us had a wonderful time at your beautiful "villa". The house is charming, comfortable + we loved every minute here in beautiful Umbria. Special treat was Dolores, who cooked "deliciouso" + took great care of us. Hope to be back for more wonderful Umbrian days and nights.

Cathy, John, Tina, Amy, Mark, Lorraine. Sue "The Jersey Gang" USA


Dear Anna and Alessandra, We have now been here for almost 2 weeks and we have enjoyed our stay and Le Terrae to the fullest. We love the villa and the garden with all the beautiful roses, lilacs, irises, etc. not to forget the wonderful herbs to flavor our meals! (We finally found the COOP, after many wrong turns and asking for directions.) Dolores made us an unforgettable dinner and taught us the best way to roll out the pasta for tagliatelle! We also tried several of the recommended restaurants. The fish dinner we had at "Roberteschi" was fantastic! We have been to Roma, Assisi, Siena, Pisa....and touring around to lovely old hill top towns. And all the fields with red blooming poppies! Thank you both so much for all your help and preparations for our stay!

Rocco & Kirsten Y.


Our group of six has had a wonderful experience, truly enjoyed the villa, thank you. We have been all over the beautiful countryside, drove through and ate in many walled cities. We started our trip in Rome and loved getting to the countryside. Beautiful, & enjoyed the beautiful exterior colors of the villa, lovely! Relaxed on the patio off the kitchen for sunsets in the evening with our wine. The flowers and herb garden were enjoyed by all. Jack especially was fascinated with the "mama kitty" and her four babies. We've had a marvelous time, thank you!

Barbara & Jack P., Houston, Texas


What a delightful place to spend a vacation. This was our first trip to Italy & everything was so incredibly wonderful. How great it was to wake up to the fresh air & the birds singing. The walled cities were so fascinating & coming back to the villa to enjoy the flowers and views from here. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us.

Dan & Janie H., Houston, Texas


Watching the morning mists rise around our wonderful villa has given the whole rustic experience a truly dreamlike quality! On our last evening, we fired up the outdoor oven, prepared an Italian meal (loved the fresh rosemary in potatoes) and sat watching the glorious sunset. Good food, great vino, great company and a beautiful twilight by the villa. Le Terrae will linger in our memories for a long time to come. Thank you Alessandra. Ciao

Danielle McF. Cairns, Australia


Eight Norvegians have had a very nice stay in this very charming villa. Perfect weather, interesting sightseeing in the marvelous old cities. We even experienced the local town festival. The boccia has been exploited excessively, and we have enjoyed good Italian wine excessively as well. Every morning a trip to the charming shop to buy breakfast food, specially the bread. A lovely, but scared, little cat with 3 very cute kittens were living in one of the bushes outside - nice to have them around! As well as the birds on the roof! Nice view and lovely flowers: Thank you from all of us :)

Torill E. , Erik L. & Hilde L., Birte T. (Oslo Norway) & Arne T., Svein O., Randi L., Terje A.


Anna & Alessandra, We had a wonderful time in your beautiful spacious villa. The most memorable thing was my daughter & her boyfriend went to Florence for a few days & he proposed. They came back to the villa & my daughter had to flash the ring in my face, before I realized she had one. Of course, mother cried (tears of happiness.) We enjoyed the villa, the country, the people, the food and the lovely hill towns. I think I've lost 10 #'s walking them.

Marilyn V. P., Elk River, MN USA


Anna, Alessandra, Elisa: We are always available for computer deliveries to "Le Terrae." The house was wonderful and the week went by far too fast. Now that we have experienced the winter season, we want to try one of the other seasons. Elisa - good luck in school.

Armstrong & Lou C., Texas USA


Dear Anna & Alessandra, My family and I have so much enjoyed your home. We have spent a month here and have come to love Italy and this wonderful part of the world. We have seen the Etruscan ruins, the mostri park, Rome, Florence, Siena, Assisi, Pisa, Lucca, Viterbo, Orvieto and many, many other wonderful Lazio, Umbria and Tuscan sights. Now our dream is to come back and experience it all again in the warm, sunny summer months. Thanks to you both for making this such a wonderful stay for us. My family came from Florida to Russia, and we will never forget such a vacation. From the bottom of our heart, we thank you!

The Whites


Our stay in Le Terrae was our first time in Italy and first time out of the U.S.A. We truly enjoyed your lovely home and magnificent sunrises and sunsets. I never dared to dream I would see Assisi or St. Francis "Little Portion" The chapel he built stone by stone. The lower basilica St. Francis in Assisi, to walk where St. Francis and St. Clair lived - grew up. To visit the Vatican...Rome and the Coliseum. To spend our Thanksgiving here together with these wonderful children and grandchildren - How blessed we are! Thank you Anna and Alessandra for sharing Le Terrae Villa with us this week and helping make A Dream Come True. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Sharon and Gene M. Sharon and Gene M., Sherwood, Ohio


It is said that all the good things must come to an end + so it is with Le Terrae. The Villa (with the blue shutters) was a wonderful home while we toured many surrounding areas. We spent a fair amount of time right here in town + were "regular" at Carpe Diem + so we felt sad as we bid them farewell last night. One evening we had a lot of fun making pizza in the outdoor oven. It really works great + now we all want outdoor ovens. In conclusion, I enjoyed everything here in the country, the kittens, the herbs, the figs, hazelnuts + so now we are off to Roma for 5 days before heading back to the U.S. My head is overflowing with memories. Italy is a very special place + I hope to return one day. Thank you Alessandra and Anna for sharing your Villa. We had a wonderful time Ciao

Joan H. Peoria, Arizona


Alessandra & Anna, We searched & searched for just the right villa; then we planned & planned; & then we arrived and realized all the searching & planning didn't prepare us for the beauty of your fantastic home & surrounding country-side. It's taken us a while to realize all the opportunities - we wished we visited the ceramic store early in our visit; done the Vasenello "stroll" earlier in the week; and read this book for other ideas. The restaurant recommendations were great; Dolores' visit & cooking school is a must; wine & cheese on the deck; and playing bocce. Thank you!

W. N. & C.


This has been a week of dreams. I'm certain I've never encountered such beauty, character, serenity and excitement as I did this trip. The villa was a haven to come home to everyday. For anyone who stays - you must have Dolores come and cook for you. And a trip to Amelia rates as our favorite destination. The cats were entertaining and for the cat lovers with us, a touch of "home". I hope to be able to visit again someday. An unforgettable experience.

The Minnesota Girls - Kim Lorayne ann & Brenda


Dear Alessandra - This was called a "ladies of the Villa" vacation for all of us - 9!! We traveled all over the area and visited many places: - Assisi - Spoleto - Orvieto - Monster Park - San Gimignano - Todi All were beautiful - But the Villa with the blue shutters was a refuge of peace - Thank you - Ciao!

Sue S. & Ladies of the Villa (NY - USA)


We really enjoyed our stay at this villa and meeting all the wonderful people in town. Alessandra & Anna were wonderful & we are already thinking about coming back. Thanks for everything. Please send our thanks to Dolores for preparing our food! Thanks for everything!

Alexander & Alexandra; Abel & Iris; Erick & Monica; Keyra


We enjoyed our stay here as a group of five Australians. The village welcomed us and our daily passeggiata was a highlight. We had wonderful skies in the evening and enjoyed many glasses of red wine! Our trip to Assisi was wonderful and our lunch at Al Ponte in Amelia exceptional! It was a good experience to stay in this delightful spot, thank to Anna and Alessandra for making it possible, Best wishes

Cris and Bill W. Cairns, Australia


Watching the morning mists rise around our wonderful villa has given the whole rustic experience a truly dreamlike quality! On our last evening, we fired up the outdoor oven, prepared an Italian meal (loved the fresh rosemary in potatoes) and sat watching the glorious sunset. Good food, great vino, great company and a beautiful twilight by the villa. Le Terrae will linger in our memories for a long time to come. Thank you Alessandra. Ciao

Danielle McF. Cairns, Australia


The sun just set on our last evening in Le Terrae. A week of cloudless skies and delightful temperatures (although Roma did get a bit hot in the afternoon making our retreat to the villa even more delightful). The grapes are ready to burst. Our 18 and 21 year olds relished their first experience in Europe, soaking up the culture, taking a multitude of photos and storing up memories. They have already started to dream about their next (longer) trip. Dad enjoyed relaxing at the villa while the rest of us sojourned into Florence and Roma to see the magnificent sights, battle the metro & scatter like pigeons on the narrow alley like streets when the vespas and taxis rounded hidden corners. Each of the hilltowns we visited had its own special flavor (like the gelati). Thanks to Dolores, Alessandra and Anna for making our trip to Italy the highlight of our year.

Cam, Will, Brendan, Marlo W. & Byron C. ("Dad")


I was a bit nervous about coming to Italy for the first time. But the people here were friendly and the villa felt like a much larger version of home. Our many trips to different towns and cities were interesting and fun. This place was amazing and I will never forget these beautiful places and I will never forget Le Terrae, my home-away-from-home. Thank you Anna, Robert, Elisa and Francesca for sharing your beautiful home. Sincerely,

Lily T. , age 12


We have seen so much the past 10 days and yet only a part of this beautiful country. We loved the nearby hilltowns, Siena, Spoleto and Florence. We spent 2 days in the water at Lake Bolsena. The churches and palaces were incredible (San Domenico, Duomo in Siena). Rome was great and we had the benefit of a great tour by Anna. The Vatican, Colosseum, Basilicas, Forum, Trevi fountain all in 1 day. If I were 10 years younger I would have rented a scooter and joined the mad crowd about town. I will think of Italy and Le Terrae when I get home and hope to make it back soon. GRAZIE

Bill T. Seattle


I had a great time! Thanks Anna! Ciao

Samantha, age 10 Edmonds, WA USA


Having never been to Italy, I must say that I have fallen in love with this beautiful country and its people. Staying in this villa made me feel so "connected." It's such a good feeling to have this "home" to come back to after traveling for the day, be it to beautiful Florence, wonderful Siena, ancient Rome. Some of my favorite places were Lake Bolsena, Spoleto, Siena. But for an authentic experience, just go to the closest hill towns, both so beautiful and welcoming and charming. The locals treated us as if we were one of their own. Before I came here, one of my friends said that I would spend the rest of my life trying to get back here . They were right. Anna, you have a gem here in this villa. One of these days I will return to the place I have fallen in love with. Thank you so much for the use of your home and your hospitality. Our trip that day into Roma with you could not have been better. Viva Italia!

Carrie E. and daughter Samantha


Siena, Spoleto, Pisa, Florence, Venice and even Rome can not compare with the big hearts of Dolores and Silvio. They are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...So today we leave. But we will not forget our stay. We will not need the five hundred photographs we have taken to remember... because it's all in our memory like chiseled marble. So - do we say good-bye? No - we say "See ya later"

Charlie N. - Cape May New Jersey Bob, April, Nick and Brandon L. and Jean H. - Cape May Court House, New Jersey


The "Hill towns" came alive for us during our wonderful stay at the villa. We spent wonderful days with Joanne + Bob Z. (our friends from Colorado.) The food was delicious - made by Dolores - enjoyed the pasta preparation. The town was a friendly place. We truly hope to return one day!

Marie & Jerome H. St. Paul, Minnesota


Dear Alexandra and Anna - We have had a most wonderful and memorable week in your lovely Le Terrae Villa - We are Floyd and Eva Mae N., who live next door to Bob and Joanne Z. in Littleton, Colorado in the U.S. (Bob and Joanne's daughter is Jackie M. who told us of this place that people only dream about.) We have loved the hills, the sounds, the smells, the hill-top towns and the many, many friendly people, and the beautiful sunsets. We surely do hope to return for another stay when our souls need calming. Thank you!

Floyd and Eva Mae


The dream and beauty of Italy all came true for me........Sharing this, time of my life, with my adoring friends and sisters will live in my heart forever. Thank you Italy Many thanks Alessandra and all, Dolores, your charm + art of cooking was a true joy. Best Regards

Lindy O.


Thank you Alessandra for making sure we were set up for the week - the much needed trip to the grocery store! We really appreciated your time and thoughtfulness. Dolores Dolores, you are good! We so admired your talent. Our best meals in Italy were here at "home". It was a slice of heaven Thank you.

Carrie O. Seattle (Vashon Island) WA.


Eight women here to celebrate our friend's 50th B-DAY! It was a lovely home base for trips to Orvieto and other neighboring towns. Hiring Dolores for pizza + pasta cooking lessons was an unbelievable highlight! Renting + driving the big yellow bus was very fun but...took years off our lives! Even though Carrie is a medic/ambulance driver, w/the Seattle Fire Dept...the driving in Seattle does nothing to prepare one for the speed + bravado of Italian drivers :} Many fun walks to the sweet town of Vassenello. Much love & appreciation

Holly Seattle, Washington


Dear Anna + Alessandra - Thank you for making your home so beautiful, comfortable and spacious! The four of us had all the space we wanted and didn't mind at all the rainy weather. We loved the terraces, the trees, flowers and herbs in your garden. Our visits to many of the hill towns in the area were truly enlightening and we are filled with wonder at the incredibly intricate streets, passageways and houses built as they are in the sides of hills! We especially enjoyed Assisi, despite the lost cameras and Bassano in Teverina, as well as the wonderful Orvieto and Vignanello - The Terme di Orte + Lago di Bolsena and the Mediterranean were places of cooling relief! Mi piace Italia!! Grazie - mille grazie!

Betty, Jim K. + Iraham W. Seattle, WA


Dear Anna, Alessandra & Robert, What a treat to have had Le Terrae all to ourselves for a week! Every morning we were greeted by a chorus of birds and of course - the sun! We ate breakfast each day in the terrace off the living room and marvelled at the view while we planned our next adventure. Thanks to yours many suggestions and those in this book, we feel we saw a lot of the area and its attractions. We would usually be gone all day - come back for an hour or so and then go out for dinner. It was so relaxing to have a "home" to come back to everytime. Your special touches of wine (Montefalco Rosso is our favorite!) and lush towels were greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for everything!

Lynn V. M. Kirkland, Washington


Our group of 6 enjoyed our stay at Le Terrae very much. We ate and drunk ourselves silly, but didn't die. However, it was a close thing on the Italian roadways....We enjoyed having Dolores come in and cook for us! If anyone else thinks about having her come in do it early in your stay...there is so much food! We would like to thank Alessandra for introducing us to some local wines: we enjoyed trying them... Thanks so much!

Peggy R. + Joel M. Berkeley, CA USA


Carissime Anna ed Alessandra, oggi abbiamo incontrato il vostro sito con le foto della meravigliosa Villa Le Terrae! E' stato bellissimo rivederla e ricordare le stupende giornate trascorse da voi in campagna. Ho rivisto l'enorme quercia sotto cui adoravo mettermi a leggere al fresco, la sera! Abbiamo letto le parole entusiastiche degli altri vostri ospiti: solo chi è stato da voi sa quanto siano vere! Vogliamo anche noi lasciare un messaggio per consigliare un soggiorno a Le Terrae ai turisti che visitano l'Italia. Ma che cosa dire di più? La Villa è meravigliosa, accogliente, raffinatissima, degna dei più esigenti amanti del particolare e del bello. I dintorni sono tranquilli e davvero ricchissimi delle bellezze d'Italia: la posizione è veramente strategica per chi vuole visitare il Lazio, l'Umbria e anche il sud della Toscana! Appena potremo torneremo a trovarvi! Un abbraccio!!

Adriano e Barbara B. Asti, Italia


What a wonderful stay we had in your villa. Each day was more dear to us than the next. Colors seemed to bloom before our eyes each new morning in the yard. By mid week we could no longer drag ourselves away from our home and explore, we gave into the serenity. Many games of bocci ball were played. Competition between kids and parents becoming quite stiff. Most evening meals were enjoyed at carpe diem where we became regulars as evidenced by having "our table". Evenings were filled with roaring fires, card games and recaps of the day. We all faught off sleep us long as we could because we did not want to see another precious day go by. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to see a part of Italy which we might have otherwise overlooked. Arrivederci!

The Walbergs USA


Farewell and thank you for making this lovely villa open to us.All of your useful and helpful suggestions And the warm welcome - the wine, etc. At the end of our week we are leaving behind more adventures than we imagined were possible when we arrived - this area is more incredibly rich in art, scenery and history than ones mind can encompass - a Grand Canyon of the heart - We enjoyed everything we managed to get to - The most fun: Bomarzo, the Parco dei Mostri The most awe inspiring: Orvieto with its Etruscan remains, roman ruins, but most especially the Duomo and its treasures. The most relaxing: the Terme di Orte - a mineral spring swimming pool.Thank you very much -

Lynn and Larry P. Seattle, WA USA


Grazie per tutti - What an oasis you have here! We loved the bacci ball, the classical music and most of all - the beauty and the serenity. Peaceful and quiet! Our highlights:1) local townspeople - we had a lot of fun with them. 2) Roma 3) Orvieto 4) Todi Thank you for allowing us to share your home and your beautiful country. Ciao -

Jim, Sue, Katie + Mattie S. Sacramento, CA


To Alessandra and Anna, Thank you for the beautiful experience to stay in Le Terrae. We would love to stay longer than one week, but time to leave now. Surely we will come back to this lovely region. Thank You!

Helga, Ingrid + Arne from Liprig, Germany


To Alessandra and Anna, Thank you for making it so easy for all of us (party of eight from three different states!) to come together. Anna - The constant e-mails with information on sites and Villa layout; Alessandra - meeting my mother-in-law at almost midnight when the rest of us were fourteen hours late (with wine and pizza!). The stay at the wonderful villa was made even better knowing there was someone we could call with questions on anything. The experience here was as beautiful as we imagined. To future guests, Assisi is beautiful - many shops; people watching; Parco dei Mostri in Bomarzo is close and there is nothing like it in the States; Marmore falls in Terni is awesome!!! Rome, Florence, Venice - all possible from home base Le Terrae. ENJOY!

Jo Anne, Steve, Ray, Sue G. Tucson, Arizona Leila G., Theresa M. New Jersey Joy S., Kathy D.M. - Connecticut


What a beautiful setting for your villa – nestled among the vineyards and orchards. We love your home. Thank you for sharing it with us and thank you for all your wonderful suggestions for restaurants and sights. Good food, good wine, good friends – Dolce vita!

Carl and Lorene D. Seattle, Washington


We appreciate the tips for places to see in the area and the good restaurants. Beautiful setting.

Peggy K.


Dear Anna and Alessandra, We thank you for the use of your marvelous villa! We all had the most wonderful week. Your helpful tips on where to eat and what to see made the week for us. We all love the villa and hope to return. Thank you.

Harry + Pauline C. Seattle, Wa.


We love your villa and surrounding towns and were fortunate enough to be here for the Patron's feast day celebration on Friday with the procession through the streets and town let up with colorful lights and gathering of all age groups. It was fun to have seen the festive transformation of the town. Many happy memories. Thank you Thank you.

Sandra and John L. Seattle, Washington


Thank you so much for our most memorial vacation. To celebrate my retirement Frank and I fulfilled a long-time dream (a long-term vacation with the entire family in Italy. Our three children, three grandchildren and spousesall joined us for part of the time. Your villa was wonderful (perfect) and Lazio was very special. Until we return again!

Frank and Emalene R. and family Barneg at Light, NJ Frank + Ellen + baby Silvio Bainbridge Is. WA Sue + Geof E. Emma + Nick Banbridge Island WA Pam R. Palo Alto CA


Thank you so much for the stay in your beautiful house. It has been a lovely experience here in Italy.!

Carla B., Bremrton, WA USA


Had a wonderful Christmas here at Le Terrae. Friendly people, great food, and the most beautiful scenery. Very accessable to all places and the shopping in Siena is fabulous. Thanks again for this beautiful home we all enjoyed!

Dolores, Liz, Jennifer and Kevin - Miami, Florida - Linda and Bill Houston, Texas


Dear Anna + Alessandra, Thank you for allowing us to spend such a lovely week in your home. it was far too short a time to do justice to the endless beauty of this part of Italy. We would just like to add a couple of comments for future readers and visitors: the stone sculptures at Bomarzo were well worth visiting and definitely take the advice of trying Zio Emilio's in town - the food is tremendous, and the proprietors generous and friendly. Thanks again."

The G. Family - Los Angeles, Philadelphia + New Jersey USA


Dear Alessandra + Anna, Our week in your home has passed too quickly. Le Terrae was a great location for exploring Lazio and making day trips into Rome by train. Meeting your charming mother on the train into Roma was a pleasant experience. We all thank you for the map, recommendations, wine, and warm welcome into your home. The children especially enjoyed the Big Oak Tree and swing, the drawing room at the top of the house, and the bocci balls. October proved to be a pleasant time of year to visit; sunshine, few tourists, grapes + nuts being harvested, all added to a memorable week. Thank you. Highlights: Roma - day trips by train/metro; Parco dei Mostri - sculptures; Villa Lante - gardens/fountains; Lago di Vico - fishing/picnic

Tim, Marcia, Meagan + Duncan V. H. - West Lina, Oregon USA


Dear Anna and Alessandra, what a special 2 weeks we have had at Le Terrae! It has far exceeded ourexpectations and left us deeply absorbed with the special wonder and peace of Umbria and Lazio. So happy to be away from the tourists and comercialization of Florence and Siena yet close enough to visit and then escape back! The unspoiled beauty of the dozens of umbrian and Lazio hill towns, churches and fountains - and the wonderful people - we enjoyed will remain with us forever. Please feel free to have any of your potential guests call us if they would like a reference as to the perfection of Le Terrae! Ciao,

Bruce and Jackie M.  Toronto, Canada


We have all greatly enjoyed this wonderful part of Italy, and the house is amazing - big enough for all eight of us yet very "homey"! The food, wine and people will all be remembered fondly - with many of us hoping to renew our acquaintance with Lazio in the future. Thank you for making us feel so welcome, it's been truly amazing!

Izzy and Duncan R., California - Lyndsay, Liz and Suzy, England - Nigel, Richard and Mark, France


Dear Anna and Alessandra, We so enjoyed staying in your lovely home, especially all the wonderful meals we enjoyed on the terrace and the glorious views from every window.  Thank you for all the thoughtful extras:  the maps of local attractions, restaurant recommendations and the chilled wine. You really make us feel welcome.Sincerely.

Rebecca, Paul, Danny + Charlotte M. - Los Angeles, California


Dear Anna and Alessandra, Thank you for a wonderful stay at Le Terrae. We had a fantastic time. The nearby hilltowns were great to visit at night. In our stay we went to Rome, Florence, Pisa and a small town called Assisi. We all recommend Assisi for a relaxing, shopping day.  We appreciate this once in a lifetime experience and we will never forget it. Arrivederci!

Mark, Barb, Andrea, Emily H. - Emilio, Bonnie, Gina, Sarah D.L. - Shawnee, KS USA


Dear Anna and Alessandra, We had a wonderful time at Le Terrae and loved it so we stayed on into the next week. We're grateful and happy we could do that. The house is a treasure - and our stay comfortable and delicious. The oven outdoors produced many loaves of bread, pizzas and a great roasted chicken! We all appreciated all the information about the surrounding area and loved the opportunity to visit the neighboring hill towns and especially enjoyed Amelia.Thank you for a wonderful time. We'd love to come back. Arrivederci

Sandi and Bob D. - Nancy W. & Larry H. - Seattle, WA USA


We're leaving but I know we'll be back! We haven't experienced enough of this wonderful country, town, and villa. Thank you for contributing to a wonderful family vacation.

Mary - Boston, Massachusetts USA


This was an amazing stay - from the close towns to the beautiful sights. Thank you,



Great place you've got here. Thanks.

Jeremy W.


Thank you a million times for letting us borrow this wonderful home with this incredible energy I hope to return...

Beth W.


Thank you so much for allowing us to live in this exquisite place.



La luce, i colori, l'accoglienza....un mix di piacevoli momenti in questa casa da sogno dove il tempo sembra si sia fermato....grazie per l'opportunita' accordataci di passare cinque giorni fantastici. Con affetto e sincera simpatia.

Paolo Alberto


What a whimsical, lovely house for our family to spend Christmas and New Year in together. We enjoyed country breakfasts, the fire glowing at night and the beautiful music that filled the house. Coming from Arizona, it took us a little to while to warm up here, but soon our "children" (a new pilot, an architecture student in Florence and a new University of Arizona student) were swinging on the swing, raking piles of leaves to jump in and playing marathon games of monopoly. If you are reading this, we recommend the towns of Todi, Spoleto and Assisi: this has been a wonderful area to explore!

The B. Family - Tucson, Arizona


Wow! What can we say?! Beautiful home, wonderful countryside, stunning views, lovely people. It’s been great. Can’t wait to come back. (& thanks Alessandra, for being so very helpful)

Jan & Vic H. - Essex, England


What a wonderful villa to show our children that Italy is more than a crowded Rome and busy Autostradas. A peaceful respite with beautiful vistas and interesting hill towns. Thank you again for these memories.

Tim C. + Family


Let it be clear to you that the peace of green fields can always be yours, in this, that or any other spot, and that nothing is any different here from what it would be either up the hills, or down by the sea, or wherever else you will. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. Book ten, 23

Emilie C. - Chicago, Illinois, USA


This was our "Enchanted April". We loved our stay in Lazio... exploring the beautiful countryside...touring green hills and charming hill towns. Le Terrae was a wonderful base for exploring the countryside, its histories and cultures. A mother and four daughters could not have asked for a more special time together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. We love Italia.

Johanne H. - Eve, Madeleine, Nicole and Lise


We had a wonderful time in your home. After a week in Rome, the villa was a welcome respite. Thank you for making us to-o-o-o comfortable. We wish you the very best with the business venture. Italy will always be the villa, in our hearts

Bob + Arlie F. - Snohomish, WA


Thank you for making Le Terrae such a delightful place to spend the first week of our honeymoon. Such an exciting villa with proud views of the surrounding countryside made it difficult to drag ourselves away to see some of the nearby sights. We will remember our short stay here with great affection.

A. & F. B. - Cambridge England


Grazie per tutti: il bel posto, la casa, il sole meraviglioso e il buon tempo con amici! Fantastico!

K. S./ D. M. K. - M. & N. B. - Sidney, Australia


A Sunny Italian Festa, here at Le Terrae. Good food, wine, great company, fabulous place. The thermal baths in Orte were a big hit, as was Lago di Vico. Lots of sun, followed by Great thunder and lightingstorms. A splendid time was guaranteed for all.

John + Karen L.- Seattle, USA - Frank, Angelica & Paul K. - Hamburg, Deutschland


Very much enjoyed my stay away from the hassle of everyday life back home let alone having some sunshine for more than one day at a time.  Should have sampled Italy sooner.

Jonathan P. - Glasgow, Scotland


Once again your beautiful country has woven its magic spell on us. Your lovely villa with its terraces and sunsets, the people as charming as ever and the chance to get to know this fascinating and unspoilt part of Italy which has so much to offer. Without doubt we shall be back. This holiday has been unforgettable, relaxing and invigorating;our accommodation superb and surrounding facilities (especially the restaurants!) excellent. Thank you for your advice. We look forward to the next time. Auguroni ed arrivederci.

Charlotte & John D. - Bedford U.K.


We have had an amazing holiday. I am determined to return but only if I have learned to speak Italian sufficiently well to be able to converse with the wonderful people who are fortunate enough to live in this wonderful country. Beautiful scenery, beautiful food and wine and excellent company. La dolce vita!

Kathy + Gerald


Lunches under the oak tree, showers with a view, the sun coming in the bedroom window, the friendly faces in town , and the view of Orte in the evening sun. Farther a field, Etruscan ruins at Sovana, the striped duomo of Siena , the lower basilica of St Francis in Assisi ,  St Peters in Rome . What a fabulous two weeks! This has been aperfect home base for travel and a wonderful refuge for relaxing.

Anne & Bill T. - Sarah T. & Will S. - Seattle, WA USA


We were honored to be the first guests in your lovely home. It is aptly named. We moved from terrace to terrace following the sun. The many personal touches you left - the chilled wine, the melon & prosciutto, the directions to points of interest - all made it feel as if you were here as our hostess & not just the landlord. Your recommendations & maps made our visit much richer than any commercial guide book could have done, we'd add to the list Porto Ercole on the sea. It's only 1 1/2 hours. Thank you again & good luck on your new venture.

Elizabeth & Richard B. - Toronto , Canada

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